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    If you travelling to or visit the UK for a short period,
    If you cannot get broadband connection for some reason,
    If you have lost patience waiting for broadband service ,

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    Wherever and whenever you can find a phone line, you   can go surfing immediately!

Element/Item Anytime(Pay Monthly) Daytime Plus Pay As You Go
(Pay By Minutes)
Price Options £14.99/Month £15.99/Month £19.99/Month £15/Month *£7.99/days
* 1p/minute for other time online
* Normal connection 56kb
* ISDN connection 64kb 128kb
* 0845,0844,0800 are available to choose
0845:weekends 1p/min,evenings 2p/min,other time 4p/min;0800 scheme 1p/min,connection fee 3 pence
Order Conditions BT line BT line BT/cable line cable BT line Any line
Speed 56kb 56kb 64kb 56kb 128kb 56kb 56kb 64kb 128kb
Benefits 150 hours *first month £1
*150 hours
One month Free trial 30 day money back More flexible and economical No registration, go surfing directly.
Payment Direct Debit Direct Debit Direct Debit Direct Debit Direct Debit No credit or debit card required. charges appear on your phone bill
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2Dial-up Internet FAQs

  What Is Dial-up Internet?
  What Are Normal Dial-up Internet And ISDN Dial-up Internet?
  Compared With Fixed broadband And mobile Broadband, What Are The Main  Features Of Dial Up Internet?
  Who Need Dial-up Internet?
  How can I get dial-up internet service?
  How can I pay for the dial up internet service?

What Is Dial-up Internet?

Dial-up connections are used to connect a computer to your ISP by using your normal telephone line or an ISDN line.Your modem or ISDN terminal adapter will dial a telephone number which connects you to your ISP。
There are metered (pay monthly) and un-metered (pay as you go) options for customers to choose.
Generally, metered dial-up service is designed for the customers with an active BT phone line. With pay as you go dial-up service, you can either have BT phone line or non-BT phone line. Through dialling a specific number beginning with 0845, 0844 or 0800, you can use any phone line to access internet.

What Are Normal Dial-up Internet And ISDN Dial-up Internet?

There are two types of dial-up internet techniques: normal one andISDN.
With normal dialup, your phone line is busy when you are online.However, ISDN can avoid this situation happening because ISDN connections have two separate 'channels'.
Each channel works slightly faster than a normal dial up modem. You can use one for your internet connection whilst using the other for your phone/fax. When not using your phone, the channels are combined and you double your connection speed.
Undoubtedly, ISDN is perfect for those who want to use their phone line when they are online.

Compared With Fixed broadband And mobile Broadband, What Are The Main Features Of Dial Up Internet?

Obviously, dial-up internet has disadvantages in speed and functions over fixed broadband and mobile broadband. However, dial-up also has some irreplaceable features compared with the latter.
  No need waiting. You can place your order, install and use the service at the same time. With pay as you go dial-up internet, you can access internet directly without registration.
  No need of certain term contract.
  No installation charge and other hidden charge.
  You can order service based on your real needs and just pay for your real usage.
  You can get the same web space, the number of email addresses, and domain service as what you get from broadband service.
  You can do basic internet work: sending and receiving email, browsing web pages, online chat, or download files etc.

Who Need Dial-up Internet?

  Customers who, with non-BT phone line, can not get any broadband service;
  People who just moved in and can not get any broadband service because a previous dwellers has not cancelled their broadband service;
  People who have something urgent and need to access internet at once;
  People who do not care internet speed too much and do not want to be bonded with long term contract;
  People who just do short term visit or study in UK;
  People who can not bear too long waiting time for broadband services.
  People who are in the above situation have to choose either mobile internet, or dial-up internet so as to get their necessary and valuable internet service.

How can I get dial-up internet service?

  It is very simple to get a dial-up internet service.
  First of all: check if you have an active phone line at your home, and if so, which kind of line you have.
  Second, from our website, choose a program which you think is the most suitable for your real situation and practical requirement. Click “contact us”, register your requirement information on line. We will deliver the installation and using information to you quickly by email.
  Third, go to FD shop to choose a suitable Modem.
  Fourth, connect the modem to your computer, then plug your phone line to a port of your Modem.. if you ordered pay monthly plan, you need to do registration, pay your rental and then go surfing on internet. If you ordered pay and go plan, you can directly dial the access number your ISP provided, then you can log in the internet.

How can I pay for the dial up internet service?

  There are two ways to make payment:
  a. pay in advice by direct debit
  b. pay together with your phone bill in certain date. Your telephone supplier will charge you at local rate based on the time you were on line.

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