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NO Contract Broadband FAQs

▲ What are the differences between short term and long term broadband services?

Generally, all UK giant internet service providers (ISP) require their customers sign up 12 month contract for their broadband services. If a customer wants to cancel his or her service within 12 months, he or she should pay a certain amount of charge as compensation, or take the risk of losing credit reputation. This situation causes big worries to some customers who are not satisfied with their current ISPs. As a result, a market gap appears to fill for some ISPs who can provide services without contract.
Compared with long term contract, no contract service has following features:
no contract broadbd, with minimum 1 month, can overcome the shortcomings of long term contract, giving customers more choices and flexibilities on contract terms.
No need of commitment. Customers do not need to take any responsibilities if they want to cancel their services.
Connection or cancellation charges needed. Customers need to pay connection charge when ordering their service or cancellation charge when cancelling their service. The charge is normally about £50, which will be paid to BT by the ISP because of the short term usage.
Customers can buy necessary equipment by themselves or from their ISPs at a discount price. Some ISPs provide free equipment. However, if customers leave their services within 12 months, they must pay for the equipment.
Pay in advance. Customers must pay first month bill in advance by credit or debit card.
The above stated are general features of no contract service. Based on their consideration of competition, different ISPs have different policies on charges of installation, cancellation and equipment. Some ISPs charge all the items needed, some only charge installation fee and equipment fee with no cancellation fee, or charge cancellation fee and postage with free installation and equipment. Although the charge difference among ISPs is just tactical, customers still need to make a choice to consider which one is most suitable for their requirement based on their own needs.

▲ Which companies can supply broadband service without contract?
In UK, only few ISPs can provide this service. The most outstanding ones among them are Zen Internet and Names. Co. They have complete home and business broadband services, from which customers can get best choice with minimum one month contract.
Zen Internet, founded in 1995, is one of the pioneer UK ISPs. After many years operation, Zen has developed to be a big UK telecommunication company with hundreds of staff. The company was rewarded as“Best Broadband ISP”by PC Pro magazine, a UK popular publisher. In 2006, Zen was rewarded three times by the Internet Service Providers Association. One of the rewards is “Best Business ISP’. Zen Internet has outstanding reputation in providing good customer service.
Names. Co was merged by Names. Co Internet Services Limited (founded in 1996) and Webcall.com Limited (founded in 1997) in 2000. After many years of internal development and external merger, Names. Co has become one of the leading companies in broadband service, web design, domain, hosting etc. Names. Co is the fourth biggest company in UK domain and hosting sector, and the 50th biggest web hosting company in the world. Names. Co is also a rewarded big information data center in London. In broadband sector, Names. Co is making great effort to provide high quality of ADSL products and services for home users and medium or small business users. Names. Co is a friendly and customer focused Telecom Company.
Furthermore, some other ISPs, which provide broadband services without contract, have designed some short term broadband services. For example, Eclipse, Be*, AOL can provide broadband services with one month or three month contract.
▲ How to set up modem?

Currently, only ADSL ISPs can provide broadband services without contract. Customers have to do self-installation so as to minimise cost . The equipment kit includes the following items: an ADSL Modem or Router, a CD, two ADSL micro filters, a USB cable , a RJ11 cable and a instruction manual.
As a result, it is very important to know the basic way to set up modem. The following are modem setting up procedures:
a. First step, install ADSL Modem software. Insert CD to CD drive of PC, the program will run automatically. When ADSL Modem language menu turns up on the screen, choose “English”, then choose ADSL Modem Installation Wizard, click USB ADSL Modem. After that, the installation plate will guide you to choose another step and will copy files to your computer. A few minutes later, installation will complete and the program will return to Modem menu, click exit, and pull out the CD then save it safely.
b. Second step, connect to your Modem. Take out the USB cable, plug one end into your computer port, and another to your Modem. From different PC operating systems, you can see different hardware installation illustration. Then, follow the on-screen instruction to do installation. The red power light of the Modem will be on and green link light will flash, which indicates that the modem is searching for ADSL connection. This is normal.
c. Third step, take out RJ11 cable. Plug one end of the cable into ADSL Modem, another into ADSL Micro-Filter. Then plug one end of the Micro-Filter into the nearest telephone socket. If you have one phone line or an adaptor of two phone lines in the line socket, pull it out and then plug into phone port of the filter. The green light of the modem should flash for one minute and then remain stable. If it still flashes, check if every thing is well connected.
If so and the light still flashes, pull out the USB cable from the modem and then re-plug it in. The modem will be re-set up and you have to wait for another 1 minute. After the green light remains green, you can log in to the internet. If the green light still flashes, contact your ISP to get technical support.
d. Fourth step, make sure your computer be connected to the internet. Firstly, you should have an internet explorer logo in your desktop. If you do not have one, right click anywhere on your desktop, installation menu will appear. Choose Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Internet Explorer > OK,the Internet Explorer logo will be on your desktop. Right click the logo, then click Properties > Connections > Never dial a connection > Apply> OK. After that, you will be guided to register you user name and password, then you can go surfing on internet!

▲ What benefits can you get by using a router?

What is ADSL router?It is a centre for your home network. Actually, it acts as a “gate” between internet and your computer.
There are three main advantages using an ADSL router to replace a Modem:
a. allow multi-computers share one internet connection. By a router, several family members, through the only family phone line, can log into internet connection at same time, sending and receiving emails, browsing web pages, shopping online, gaming online, downloading and updating web page etc. A router can connect maximum 64 computers and devices. There are three types of router: wired, wireless and double usage. If you use wired router, you have to use cable to connect your router and your computer; if you use wireless one, you need to have wireless card in your computer. A wireless router means that you can get rid of messy cable at your home and create a wireless environment.
b. provide wider area of internet connection. A wireless router can provide broadband within up to 500 meters, which is enough to cover every room of your home. A router not only allows you to use several computers sharing one connection, but also set up a home network. A home network is a group of computers and relevant facilities connecting together. Your home network allows you share the same documents, printers, scanners and other equipment
c. provide a much safer internet connection to prevent hackers’ attack and other risks associating with connection of other network.
Most of routers have an interior firewall which can prevent your computer from virus attack from public network. A router acts as a
“gate” between public internet and your private space, just permitting the invited user to access and blocking any other stuff
trying to go to your computer.

▲ What is the function of a micro-filter? How to set it up?

ADSL broadband installation can not go without micro-filters. A filter acts as a device to divided signal into analogue phone signal and
digital broadband signal. What will happen without using a filter? The two signals will interfere with each other and can not be used at the same time. Then the phone line will be full of noise and the modem will be messy in function. Date signal delivered will be sometimes on and sometimes off.
If you want to know where you need a micro-filter, the simple way is to count the number of your home phones and fax machines. This number is exactly the one of your micro-filters needed. You should order filters from your ISP with this number. After receive your micro-filters, simply pull out phone line or fax machine line from the socket on the wall, then plug into the pocket of respective micro-filter in turn.
If there are extension lines in the BT main socket of wall, you need plug an extension line into a micro-filter. If your computer is too far
from your BT main socket, you need to buy a RJ11 extension line.

▲ How much monthly download do I need?
A usage allowance means you only pay for what you need. If you do not think you will download very much each month then you do not pay more for it! Everything you send or receive over the internet is a bit of data. Each bit of data, whether an email, video clip or photo, is a different size and is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). The average email is around 4KB, a digital photo around 1MB and a music track around 5MB. The following table lists the average traffic amount for each items. Of course, each webpage, email. And photograph has different size, therefore, the figues listed in the table are just for your reference.





Send photos

60 pw

200 pw


Receive photos

60 pw

200 pw

450 pw

Download music

10 pw

100 pw

325 pw

Download video clips

10x2min pw

2 hrs pw

5 hrs pw

Listen to online radio

4 hrs pw

12 hrs pw

27 hrs pw

Send emails without attachments

200 pw

1500 pw

4000 pw

Receive emails without attachments

200 pw

1500 pw

4000 pw

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